Dathlos is an innovate startup that offers an application services platform in the Cloud, as well as Cloud applications for the world of sport founded by recognized experts in digital technologies, Cloud databases and visual data analytics.

The name Dathlos expresses the synthesis between innovation and tradition in the service of the sport. Innovation is represented by the initial letter "D", as in Digital or Data and tradition is represented by "Athlos", an ancient Greek term used for challenge or competition.

D4Soccer (Dathlos for Soccer) is the Dathlos Database Cloud solution offering a highly configurable and analytical model-based methodology for Athlete profiling in terms of anthropometrics, athletic capabilities and technique/tactics skills and related Team coaching and training management to develop specific performances and abilities.

Furthermore, D4Soccer support Soccer Clubs in Talent management, or ranking athletes’ best performer and/or athlete with the best technique/tactics’ abilities and with highest potential.

Lastly D4Soccer on Medical Department side offers a structured methodology and a comprehensive solution for Injury management i.e. Prevention, Injury classification, rehabilitation therapies and so on.


Sauro Romani - President and Chief Executive Officer
Long experience in Information Technology (Oracle, Apple, Digital Equipment, CSELT)
Degree in Information Sciences - University of Turin

Fabio Cristofanelli - Healthcare System and Solutions Advisor
MedMedia Founder and formerly Dedalus Consultant
Degree in Pharmacy and Computer Science University of Ancona

Gianfranco Romanelli - Executive Financial Advisor
It operates in the Finance Planning area
Degree in Economics and Commerce - University of Ancona

Roberto Coloccini - Executive Management Control Advisor
He works as a chartered accountant and auditor (Studio Coloccini)
Degree in Economics and Commerce - Carlo Bò University of Urbino


D4SOCCER offer a data driven digital platform to enable Soccer Clubs in innovating, empowering Talents and increasing their competitiveness



Performance data and skills assessment analysis. Data and rating collection for comparative visual analysis

Health status visualization:

  • Athletes with no physical or health problems

  • Athletes who currently have slight illnesses or sports injuries

  • Injured Athletes (not available) with expected match availability date

  • Injured athletes rehabilitation monitoring:

  • Rehabilitation situation driven by the Medical department

  • Management of the return to sports, in collaboration with Doctors/Physical therapists

  • Activity calendar visualization:

  • Training and Matches Calendar

  • Rehabs sessions Calendar

  • Prevention sessions Calendar

  • Games Scoreboard Management:

  • Goleadors, substitutions, minutes, etc.

  • Data from wearable GPS, RPE and TQR

  • Training Planning, Execution and Monitoring:

  • Focus on macro-skills development and related micro-abilities (Technical skills, Tactical skills, Conditional skills) based on a model in terms of time allocation.

  • Weekly scheduling of Training sessions referring to a company timing model for the different macro-skills

  • Execution and finalization of excercises with progressive monitoring of minutes in real-time and and deviations from the Club defined model

  • Analytical performance dashboards for teams and for individual athletes

  • Pie charts on time allocation for various macro-skills

  • Multi-dimensional performance index using a radar graph to summarize the athlete’s position in various anthropomorphic, performance and skills rating dimensions

  • Multi-dimensional talent index using individual and team graphs to compare athletes skills according to TIPS-S rating
  • Cog


    Injury management through international classification of diagnoses and Rehabilitation/Prevention management

    Anamnesis management:

  • Pathological, traumatological, surgical

  • Allergies, vaccinations

  • Monitoring of athletes with ongoing traumatic episodes

    Management of traumatic episodes and illnesses:

  • Sports injury or pathological episodes

  • Diagnoses coding based on OSICS an international taxonomy and coding for sports injuries

  • Prognosis and presumed dates of return to competitions

  • Available athletes with slight injuries or illnesses visualized with color coding

  • Extended Muscle Injuries classification using UEFA standard "Munich 2012”

  • Therapy management and diagnostic insights:

  • Pharmacological, surgical and rehabilitative

  • Instrumental examinations and storage of reports

  • Rehabilitation therapy management

  • Instrumental therapy

  • Manual therapy

  • Functional rehabilitation

  • Return to sports and Re-training (by the athletic trainer)

  • Functional and performance evaluation (by the doctor, the physical therapist and the athletic trainer).

  • Reporting and analysis of incidents/injuries


    The D4SOCCER solutions are proposed to the ownership/management of professional football clubs that need to modernize the archiving, analysis, control and management tools for the various teams of the club.

    Management Module
    • Ownership
    • Management
    • Administration
    Technical Module
    • Sports Coordinators
    • Coaches
    • Athletic trainers
    Medical Module
    • Medical Coordinators
    • Doctors
    • Physiotherapists
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